Contact Lens Fitting

A contact lens fitting examination is different and more involved than a standard routine eye exam that determines the refractive status of your eye and the status of your ocular health.  The word “contact” is what increases the difficulty of these examinations because the lens is in “contact” with the eye.   This “contact” requires your doctor to determine the proper lens thickness, diameter, and curvature for the health of your eye and it requires greater responsibility from the patient in the handling and care of the lens.  Unlike a routine vision examination, contact lens fitting examinations require at least one follow up visit so that your doctor can assure that you are wearing the best lens for your eye health.  Though these follow up visits may be inconvenient, they are crucial to assuring that you are wearing a properly fitted lens and to avoid any issues such as an eye infection or abrasion by early diagnosis and prevention.  

We pride ourselves at Drs. Moser and Hudgins on staying on the cutting edge of the latest contact lens technologies and we are not hesitant to try something new if we feel it will serve our patients better than current or older technology.

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